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This is clearly privilege

Feb 20 '13

Move over!

You asshole. Why won’t you move?!

Fuck you. Fuck your male privilege. I will slowly crush your penis as you face the power you were born into as a man and enter true despair. You will know true pain.

You spent the entire bus ride sitting there! Sitting across two seats. Does the plastic ridge riding up your ass-crack make you feel like the latent homogay you are? Would you like my spiked strap-on up your sphincter?! I know you hate me. You hate women. It’s a microaggression. You must feel really bad about yourself to do this to me and others. Insecure! How do you like your privilege being checked? Bastard!

You think I can’t see you just because nobody else can? Privilege. Your privilege shields you! I know what the patriarchy puts in my water. Educate yourself. I see you! Move over!! Stop aiming your rape-organ at me. I am strong. You are weak. Misandry is the solution. Stand the fuck up and stop taking up so much space. They don’t see you because of institutionalized sexism! Sexism is power and privilege and the government’s plan to kill us women for standing up. I know what nobody else does. Look around you! Educate yourself. Drink bottled water. Invest in silver. Fight the patriarchy. Move to Australia where the radioactive fumes can’t get you. Avoid open areas.

Why don’t men get it?

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